Our Studio


The achievement of a good-feeling physical body is among the greatest factors for joy and well-being!

Hot Yoga Louisville is dedicated to delivering this state of Being through a series of carefully crafted practices, with the highest professional instruction, amongst a warm and friendly community of like-minded people.

We believe it's never too late in one’s life to “start again from scratch.”

It is our goal to create whole, healthy bodies. Yoga is the epicenter of health – the drishti – since it teaches focus, concentration, meditation and awareness of the body through proper alignment; therefore, yoga comprises the largest demographic of our classes.

Betsy’s is about more than burning calories. We want to open people’s eyes beyond the traditional American view of fitness and health, which focuses only on how many calories are being burned, not on what movements are being done to open the channels necessary to really “see” ourselves.


  • Physical Power: Bolsters strength, stamina, flexibility and tones the body.
  • Mental Power: Improves mental focus, mental power or willpower, which is honed during the course of the practice as it clears the mind of scattered and unorganized thoughts, allowing one to focus on the task at hand. Students learn to have faith in one’s self, gain self control, increase determination, improve concentration and build patience.
  • Spiritual Power: The source of the energy behind one’s physical and mental power, is nurtured, giving way to a mastery of one’s thoughts and actions. It releases anxiety and tension in the body.