Hot 26 + 2 Teacher Training


Interested In Teaching Hot Yoga or Deepening Your Practice?

Join the Fall Hot 26 + 2 Teacher Training at Hot Yoga Louisville with Cindy Lunsford of Yogasoul Nashville, as well as other contributing instructors. Commit to becoming a stronger, more empowered and confident you, while learning the art of humility and acceptance.

The Hot 26 + 2 series stems from the same postures originally coordinated by Bikram Choudhury.

Have you experienced the power of the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises? Have you noticed incredible change, healing, and growth from your own journey with Bikram style yoga and are now ready to deepen that for yourself or share it with others?

Then this training is for you!

Accessibility: By scheduling weekend intensives, this training is built around those who have busy lives. We know that taking a month off for yoga training is not realistic for many people, so this training is spread out over 3 months, every other week, will give you the ability to achieve your goals and maintain your current commitments in your life.

Value: This is an investment for both you and your future. Not only will you gain a certificate to teach a long-standing practice that is recognized around the world, but you will face challenges, get support, and find growth that will inform all areas of your life.

Perspective: This training will give you a strong foundation in the dialogue and postures, as well as encourage your own authentic voice. A truly amazing combination for confidence and development of a strong teacher.

CERTIFIED TEACHER EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Sign up by May 31st to receive 30% off!

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Sign up by May 31st to receive 10% off!

BONUS: Unlimited free yoga at Hot Yoga Louisville from beginning to end of training! That is a $324 value!

Meet Cindy Lunsford!

Cindy is the former owner of four hot yoga studios in upstate New York. She is a certified Bikram, yin yoga and level II/III Barkan Vinyasa teacher. She also completed Ana Forrest's Advanced Yoga training as well as Baptiste's Art of Assisting and Advanced Art of Assisting trainings. Cindy has completed her 500 hours with both Jimmy Barkan and Rolf Gates. For five years, Cindy was senior teacher for Jimmy Barkan at his level II/III Vinyasa teacher trainings. She currently leads 200 hour yoga alliance certified vinyasa and 26 + 2 teacher trainings. Cindy is also proud to be an Africa Yoga Ambassador. She now lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she owns Yogasoul studio.

Contributing Teachers Announcement Coming Soon!

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