Betsy Jones

betsy's hot-yoga-louisville-pose

Betsy Jones is a native Louisvillian from a large athletic family. After playing college tennis at the University of Tennessee, she went on to live in California and Florida with a continued enthusiasm for physical fitness, as well as health and wellness.  While working in the Fort Lauderdale area in the 80's, she discovered Bikram Yoga, and it is no surprise that she fell in love with the heated practice.

She knew immediately that her destiny would entail teaching and sharing this amazing practice, which at the time was only taught in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and California.

It was ten years later, after moving to Los Angeles to get certified by Bikram Choudhury in a 500-hour vigorous training, and having never given up on her dream, that she opened the first Bikram Yoga College of India in Kentucky in 1997. Students swarmed her first studio from all parts of Louisville and outside. The buzz of this amazing and exhilarating "hot yoga workout" became huge!

Soon Betsy was training teachers to help her teach and many of those teachers also went to Los Angeles to obtain certifications. Today, several own their own studios in Louisville. 


Another ten years later in 2007, Betsy moved her studio to the heart of St. Matthews and renamed it Betsy's Hot Yoga Louisville. Her passion for the very practice of yoga grew beyond the confounds of Bikram.  Betsy has traveled extensively in and out of the country visiting studios, taking many other trainings and participating in hundreds of workshops. While Betsy embraces all yoga styles and hosts and teaches other styles in her studio, her heart will always remain true to her foundation of Bikram Yoga.  It is still what she loves to share and teach!  To this day, Betsy still believes the Bikram practice is the "ultimate workout" in town!

Her mission is to continue to change the lives of others for the better through the offerings of yogic practices; to show people that they can "start again from scratch" and that feeling good is possible and even more so releasing old patterns and starting all over again.

After 20 years now in her business, it makes Betsy's day when she hears from a student how good they feel since they started coming to her studio! That's all the affirmation she needs to keep going.