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Kent Williams
I started practicing yoga in 2006 and quickly realized Bikram yoga helped me physically by providing flexibility and strength. It also gave me focus and determination. After a few months, I noticed many positive changes in my life: increased health, clean eating, discipline and focus. Yoga truly changes you from inside out. With encouragement from friends and family, I attended the 9 weeks of Bikram teacher training in San Diego in 2010. It's probably the hardest thing I've done, voluntarily. Since then I've been teaching in Walnut Creek, CA. I also enjoy vinyasa, triathlons, traveling, hiking and spending time with friends/family. I look forward to spending time at Hot Yoga Louisville!! Namaste.
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson Welsh finds her daily dose of joy in both the practice and the sharing of yoga and art. As a yoga instructor and art therapist, she believes in the ultimate healing power of connection and creativity. Growing up in Norton Carolina and moving the Boston area for her studies in art therapy and mental health counseling, she found her first love with the practice of “power” yoga in a hot room. Here, she realized the healing potential of breathe, movement, and mindfulness. Coming from a lifetime of struggles with body image and health, Emily found a new love of her human body’s challenges, strengths, and most importantly potential.

Emily strives to bring a sense of joy, compassion, and gratitude to those she guides in her yoga classes. Although she continues to grow and explore through the ever-exciting Vinyasa style practice, she has gained foundational knowledge through the study of other traditions along the way including Ashtanga, Iyengar, and restorative.

Knowing that every day individual experiences and nueroscience research is proving the value of body-based wellness practices gives Emily inspiration. She looks forward to continued growth and understanding in both fields, as well as how one can even inform the other. Emily is grateful for every chance she has to create connections through her love of yoga and art.

Annie Button
With a background in Psychology, Music, Business, Marketing, and Nutrition, Annie’s approach to yoga is one that honors the need for self-acceptance. Aiming at the improval of interpersonal relations with others, while aligning the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the Self. Annie was introduced to Yoga in 1999, and began her journey towards becoming a teacher in 2007. In 2014 She received her teacher training at Louisville’s Yoga East, under the tutelage of Laura Spaulding. She has been blessed to study under teachers such as François Renault, Bryan Kest, Kino McGregor, Christina Sell, Doug Keller, and is inspired by many local teachers.
Kara Price
Kara's been teaching Pilates and yoga for over 16 years. Her certifications in yoga are Vinyasa, Restorative and Pre/Postnatal. With her Pilates trainings she is a PMA CPT who can give continuing education workshops to Pilates teachers. Kara loves to teach! She has a passion for alignment, anatomy, a sense of smile and for just being herself. Her classes revolve around the students. She tailors each class to the students that have entered the room. She has a keen sense for what is needed and how to approach that without being intimidating. Whether a beginner or pro, big or small, male or female, you will feel at ease in Kara's class as she takes you on a journey of your breath, body and awareness.
Betsy Jones
Betsy began practicing yoga at the age of 12. She is now a registered Yoga teacher at the level of ERYT 500. In 1998 she received her 500-hr certification from Bikram's Yoga College of India in Los Angeles, CA. In 2004, she received additional 200-hr certification in Hot Vinyasa Teacher Training level 2 from Jimmy Barkan of Barkan Method Yoga. In 2008, she received a certification in Yin Yoga from Sarah Powers from the Yoga Teacher Training Program in Santa Barbara, CA. In 2010, Betsy obtained 150-hrs of study in Anusara Yoga with Sianna Sherman. In 2011, she studied with Schuyler Grant of Wanderlust and Kula Yoga Project in NYC, NY. Betsy enjoys directing HYL and leading yoga trips to places outside of the USA, as travel is her passion. 
Mary Ann Arnett
Mary Ann Arnett has over 24 years as a fitness professional with a background that included aerobics and even kickboxing. She began her yoga journey over 12 years ago and life has never been the same! With certifications and completing over 300 hours intensive teacher training with Jimmy Barkan,founder of the Barkan Method, she completed Level 1, II, and III. Mary Ann has also participated in many workshops as well as numerous training sessions with yoga greats Bryan Kest, Rolfe Gates and Doug Swenson also logged in many sessions with Bea Rado and participated in several of her weekend workshops as well. She recently participated in 100 hours of Anusura Immersion with Sianna Sherman. Mary Ann has an extensive teaching background in Bikram Yoga, Power Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga. She has a great love affair with yoga that will hopefully continue for many years to come!
Anne Borders
Anne has been practicing hot yoga for 13 years and leading one or two silent early morning classes since 2007.  She endeavors to create a meditative and rejuvenating experience each week and believes by bringing stillness to our body, with practice, we are able to bring stillness to our minds. This discipline, once cultivated, has reverberating implications both in the studio and beyond. Through practice, discipline and breath, we can access all of the beauty and creativity life offers to us each moment.

Anne's practice has migrated over the years to reflect her continuing explorations into yoga. She has enjoyed workshops with John Friend, Bea Raydo, Valerie Kausen, Isabelle Casey and others to further her study. She loves to explore and share with others what she learns about the mind and body outside of yoga through alternative healing and clean food.

When not on the mat, she is spending time with family, friends, volunteering or painting. 

Susan Schroeder
Susan had the incredible fortune to find the path of yoga at 17 years old. Since then, Susan has found communities from coast to coast to share her passion for this ancient tradition, deoviting most ofher 5+ years of teaching to her hometown Louisville family. With almost 1000 hours of training with amazing teachers including Ramanand Patel; Laura Spalding; Tara Judelle; John Friend, Susan continues to hone her skills as a lifelong student to inspire yogis of all ages, levels, and sizes around the Louisville area and beyond. With her humorous, spontaneously focused, and accessible teaching style, Susan eagerly invites both new and familiar students to share in their practice on the mat in class, one-on-one, or in retreat with her whenever possible. Find all Susan's community offerings at .
Jaime McMahon
Jaime grew up studying dance locally. It was this love of dance that lead her to Bikram Yoga. She began her yoga practice over a decade ago. She obtained her first 200-hr Teacher Training certification in Vinyasa Yoga in 2000 under Jimmy Barkan in Fort Lauderdale. Jaime went on to train under the expert eye of Betsy Jones and earned another 200-hr training certificate in JAYA Yoga in early 2012. Jaime is married to her better half, Michael, and together they are actively involved with rescuing and fostering animals in the Greater Louisville Area.
Lori Linker
Lori began her yoga practice in 1998 and became a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor at the Yoga College of India in Los Angeles, CA in 2002. She has taught in studios across the country including Oakland, CA, Walnut Creek, CA, Orinda CA, and Alameda, CA, New York City, NY, Long Island, NY, Nashville, TN and Louisville, KY. In addition to her Bikram Yoga Certification and studies, she has attended many workshops and classes in Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Ashtanga with teachers such as Steve Ross, Rodney Yee, Jimmy Barkan, and David Swenson among others. After 12 years of steadily teaching the Sunday morning 10:00a class, Lori owns this time-slot. Her faithful students delight in her fun and unique style, as she adds music, stories and her own favorite abdominal moves of the month!
Jacqui Taylor
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Michael Henry
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Caroline Heine
Caroline Heine started her yoga practice studying Bikram yoga with Betsy Jones in 1998. In the last several years, she has started to practice other styles including vinyasa and jaya. In addition to studying under the instruction of the great teachers at HYL, she has completed posture clinics with Jimmy Barkan and Bea Raydo, and recently completed a rooted asana workshop with Isabelle Casey. Caroline’s full-time work is as a management consultant. In that role, she serves as Project Director for Seed Capital Kentucky, a nonprofit that is dedicated to catalyzing the success and resilience of regional agriculture and the regional food economy. She also serves on the board of Grasshoppers Distribution. She enjoys cooking, reading, and traveling, and most of all spending time with her husband, Tim, their two children, Sarah and Kiernan, and the world’s most loveable Golden Retriever, Henry.
Leah Roberts
Growing up a modern dancer, movement and focus has always been important in my life and in college I transitioned from dance into yoga. I am drawn to yoga because I find it balances the different aspects of my life. From rock climbing to blowing glass, yoga continues to give me the combined flexibility, strength, and focus required to continue to be very active in addition to help heal various injuries along the way. I finished my 200hr certification last year this year with Betsy at Hot Yoga Louisville to be a teacher because I love to teach and I love to learn. Helping students find what I have found through yoga feels like a blessing. I love listening to students and I love watching students find enjoyment and contentment through their practice.

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